“These Boots Were Made for Walking” What you need for fall/winter and how to complete your look with shoes

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I may actually be the worst blogger in the world as far as timing but thanks for sticking with me the last few months. I’ve had a couple of questions about shoes recently and even a blog request so here you go. This is a guide on how to fill the holes in your shoe closet and how shoes complete your look.

First of all, the obvious basic for Michigan winter is riding boots. The number one pair to have is black, but your wardrobe is not complete without brown, and if you have the money it’s good to have grey as well. When buying boots I suggest getting some that you could fit a tall sock in as well as your leggings or tights because something as simple as adding a high sock to your riding boots can take your look to the next level. Wear contrasting socks, brown or grey socks with black boots. Yes the socks make it slightly more casual so keep that in mind when dressing for work. Black tights with black suede or shiny rather than weathered leather can be very appropriate with a skirt or dress for work. If you have all three colors in flat shiny leather or suede you don’t necessarily need heeled options as well.

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Second, and truthfully just as important as riding boots, are ankle boots. It’s important that your main ankle boots hit at the ankle. You may wish to have some that hit on the lower calf if you just can’t resist them but they should not be the ones you wear all the time and you must be aware of how they cut you off and make you shorter and even wider in some cases. The best ankle boots actually dip lower in the front to elongate your leg. Ankle boots are more versatile than riding boots because if you find a basic pair with a low heel they can be dressed up or down very easily. If they hit at the right spot on your ankle you can wear them with anything in your closet: tights, ponte pants, skirts, dresses and jeans. If you can only get one I suggest a light grey bordering on tan, in faux suede. This color can be worn with anything. Black is great to have of course if you can have more than one.


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Other Notes About Boots:

If you live in winter for at least five months out of the year you really should have more than one pair of boots. They will stay nice longer if you don’t wear the same pair every other day. They will also lose their stylish effect if you wear them that often.

With any leather or faux suede I encourage you to wipe them down with a damp cloth after wearing to keep the salt from damaging them. Damp not wet.

Booties are the new pumps. This means, in any situation you would think to wear pumps you can now wear heeled booties. I suggest a thicker heel so they’re more comfortable. You can find them in as many different varieties as you can pumps but they are more fashion forward. Although this is currently a trend I believe they will be classic and never really go out so don’t be afraid to purchase them. Heeled booties tend to hit slightly higher than the low cut ankle booty but because it’s a heel you can afford a little higher line.

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Other Notes About Heels:

You may have noticed round toes really are not being sold right now. As usual this will probably change in a couple of years so don’t throw them away just put them in the back of your closet and save for later.

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to avoid ankle straps all together. If it hits below your ankle bone (which most do) it will not cut you off.

Platforms are over

If you live in a small town take everything with a grain of salt and consider whether your audience will know the difference


Flats for some reason are not as specific about pointed or rounded toe. The pointed toe again is much more fashion forward at the moment but the rounded toe is not as noticeably “out”. Flats, especially basic color, pointed toe, seem to be accepted almost as formally as heels. It seems women as a whole have finally realized and accepted how unnecessary pain is for fashion. Thank you for that.

You absolutely cannot have too many flats. I will not tell you what to buy first because I dare say you need several.

Also, animal print is back, another trend I hope you stored rather than throwing away.

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Sneakers! Sneakers not tennis shoes or running shoes or trainers. Sneakers have some sort of style and preferably a thin, rubber, sole that is flat on the bottom. Sneakers are fun, wonderful, adorable shoes…for the right occasion…styled correctly. Not great with jeans, unless they’re skinny. The sneakers you wear as a style statement should not look like you could break out in jumping jacks at any time. All white, very feminine print, color or texture, are great. High tops should be left for youngsters. To get your point across it’s best if they hit well below the ankle (are you noticing a theme).

These types of sneakers can be very cute with a dress but it should be a very feminine, above the knee dress and your hair and accessories should be very feminine as well. It’s not 2003 and you are not Lily Allen. This should be reserved for 35 and under.

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In case you’re wondering I think sneaker wedges, or dunks if you will, are on their way out. Luckily it takes a long time for fashion to get to and leave Michigan so I wouldn’t worry about throwing them out but if you’ve been waiting to jump on the band wagon, now may not be the time.

Other Notes About Winter Shoes:

Uggs are not all cute but they do make some cute warm shoes.

Boat shoes are not for winter.

Open toe shoes with tights or socks is apparently happening although the likelihood of it ever hitting small town Michigan is pretty low. The point is, if you see it, that person is probably more fashion forward than the rest of the room. Maybe they’re crazy but don’t assume so.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you need personal assistance buying or styling shoes contact me today! Don’t forget to add West Michigan Wardrobe Consulting Gift Card to your Christmas Wishlist!

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