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I’m feeling exceptionally inspired today and I’ve missed the blogging. That may be hard to believe since I’ve done nothing to prove it in a year and a half but I have missed the creativity and shared interest. This is the kind of obnoxiously inspired you want to share with all your favorite people and hope they’re as marveled by this inspiration as you.


So, here’s what’s inspiring me:


Reading: Today, Garance Dore:

I absolutely love reading and learning, especially through insights of others more worldly than myself. I love how more knowledge reminds me of just how small I am.

Reading Garance Dore is exciting because she’s one of those people that I may model myself after, that really went for what she wanted the way I’ve always hoped to do. Of course I don’t suggest you try to be more like anyone but yourself, but it’s good to have an inspiration or a muse, something to aspire to.

Garance’ expertise is fashion and business. Our shared interest makes her work an ingenious wonder to me and her confidence in herself is inspiring. Her blogging just because she enjoys it is an eye opener.


Also, fashion magazines, reading one style related book reminds me that I want to study every magazine I can to the point of cutting and pasting and creating a nerdy, personally inspiring lookbook. Like an inspiration board but excessive and dorky. Magazines and blogs are a great place to get ideas or inspiration for your own style. I suggest InStyle or if you’re really into fashion: Harper’s Bazaar.



My parents living room, an odd place to be inspired about fashion, you would expect a shop or showroom or museum or extravagant closet. I think it’s the original place I explored every fashion magazine issue at least 3 times each, realized my passion and originally decided to “go for it” in fashion. It’s important to have a place to relax and get inspired and it doesn’t have to be a special place made just for inspiration, it could actually be ten minutes in your closet because it’s the only quiet place . For me it’s just the most relaxing place where I don’t worry too much about the world and I can remember who I am and my personal goals.




I have this terrible habit I know some of you can relate to. I want constant noise and/or connection to the outside world when I’m home alone. This means that I spend most of my time looking at a screen, perusing other people’s lives rather than improving mine or, watching tv because I don’t have to think. I like noise because the quiet seems more nerve wracking, like I might have to pay attention to myself and hold myself accountable for something. No thanks.

When I’ve had a long day it’s easiest to turn on the tv and not do anything. The thing is, other activities are just as relaxing and much more fulfilling. Reading, exercise, socializing, actually accomplishing any little thing (like blogging) that I’ve put off for another time when it’s “more convenient”. This is all a long winded way of saying, close Instagram and Facebook, turn off the tv and read the book, start the project or finish the project, pick up a new hobby, do the sit ups or make the call (perhaps to a wardrobe consultant) that you’ve been putting aside.

Action creates action, you’ll be glad you started.


A Friend:

Will likely be embarrassed by this but is an inspiration to me in so many ways. Most recently, having found her perfect place in the world, professionally and as a wife and mother. She seems to have really found that perfect happy place and it makes me want to acknowledge mine instead of hide away. Additionally, her style seems constantly effortless, I want every single sweater she’s ever worn. In fact when shopping for a sweater I always think to myself “would ’she’ wear this?”



Not to discount everyone else that has supported me but I don’t know that anyone has ever had this uninhibited belief that I am capable of succeeding with my styling and making it happen for myself. I certainly never have. The recent reminder of that support and belief in my ability was much needed. Also, he has what I consider to be the perfect amount of masculine interest in style. Cares what he’s wearing but not more than I do and doesn’t think too long about how he looks. As many men do he underestimates the power and importance of style which is infuriating and charming.

You have similar support I’m sure, you should accept it and acknowledge it and use it!

Another Lifelong Friend:

Someone I have always thought has much more potential than myself. Carries herself and presents herself to the world the way everyone wishes they could. She puts thought into style and always looks polished, every outfit complete. Amid her own trials she is talking about completely starting over and pursuing her dreams and I am reminded that I should work harder for my dreams. She will be unbelievably successful, happy and hardworking and I’ve been lazy in my comfortable easy life. How can I continue to spend my free time unproductively? She would say put on some lipstick and get to work!


My Mother and Sisters:

The masterminds of my fashion interest. Constantly encouraging me to exploit my interest for professional gain. Bought or handed down most of my clothes until I was 25.

My mom wears shoes in the house to make herself productive. …WestMichiganWardobeConsulting: Dress well, Work Well, Feel well. …the similarity is most likely not a coincidence.

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You are the reason I ever wrote more than one “article”. Your, even minimal, interest is what has kept this blog in my mind for the past year and a half. Your interest in fashion, your need for style and your search for advice on the subject. Please send requests or ideas for more topics. Please continue to share with friends if you’re interested in the blogs. I need that constant reminder of interest just like you need someone to affirm (or deny) your wardrobe choices.


Find your inspiration

Acknowledge and embrace it

Stop getting in your own way

Stop second guessing

Stop putting things off

Seize the day

Start anew



February is a better time for resolutions anyway. Not so much pressure.


Next week, actual style advice!

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