How to Tie a Scarf

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One of the basic rules of personal style is that a complete outfit is three to five pieces. One of the best ways to add the third piece and create some depth in your wardrobe is by using scarves. Scarves are not at all as hard to tie as you might think. Below are plenty of illustrations (all taken from Pinterest) to help you learn how to tie your scarf in more interesting ways. I can not take credit for any of these ties, I found all of these on Pinterest, follow the links to each to see a short but sweet tutorial. Links can also be found on the WMW How To Wear It Pinterest Board

Find a few that you love and use them over end over with different scarves or try them all, whatever you want. Scarves are a must have for every wardrobe but there is no right and wrong way to tie your scarf as long as it’s comfortable and you like it.

There are three different types of scarves described in this blog. The first is the basic infinity scarf. Second is the most common, fringe or long scarf or pashmina. The pashmina is a perfect weight for these ties because it has great volume. Last is the square chiffon scarf. When buying and styling scarves do not assume that the color decides the season, the fabric determines the season much more than the color because, even as a third piece, scarves are only an accessory. Your top and bottoms should be seasonally appropriate enough to add almost any scarf.

Infinity Scarf:

This is the easiest accessory/third piece ever!! You really can put it on and go, no tie necessary!

You can twist or fluff your scarf before you put it on to change the look slightly. The twisted look is more dressy and the fluffed look is more casual.

1.For the twisted look: hold your scarf in both hands, in one hand twist away from you and in the other hand twist towards you until the scarf is tightly wrapped all the way around.


2.To fluff, shake the scarf out before you put it on and then fluff as necessary after you have wrapped it.


3.You may also wrap most infinity scarves two(above) or three(below) times depending on comfort and style preference.


4.Another option for infinity scarves is to wrap two of them together to add volume and create a whole new, two tone scarf. This is done the same way you did the basic twisting but now you’re holding two scarves and wrapping them around each other from both ends rather than just twisting.


Long, Fringe Scarf or Pashmina:

5. The Fishy Braid, so called because it is a braided scarf started by laying your scarf in the shape of a fish. I got this tie from Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market via Pinterest. Follow the link for their tutorial it’s so simple! My tip is to start the “body of the fish” the size you want the loop of the scarf to be when you have it on.

You can do the same tie and leave the ends out if your scarf is long enough.

image image

6. Triple Knot


7. Knotted Waterfall


8. Crazy or Crazy Easy:

I will take credit for the name of this. I called it that because when I first saw the picture I thought it took some time to master this but really it is one of the easiest ties! After following the steps pictured here, pull on the ends to make the tie tighter.


9. Opposite of Crazy:


10. Bow

I have not done this well yet but I think it really requires a pashmina or similarly larger scarf than I own. Although this one is tough, I had to include it because it’s just so cute. Good luck to you!

image image image

11. Allure

This is my favorite!

image image

Square Scarf:

All of these ties start by folding your scarf in half so it makes a triangle. To reduce volume or length make three inch folds down from the already folded edge to shorten the scarf before starting your tie

12. Back knot

This is as simple as it sounds, take the ends and tie a knot behind your neck so there is a large loop and low hanging fabric in front

13. The Bandit

With the point of the triangle straight down in front loop the ends around the back of your neck with a half knot in back, bring the ends back to the front and tie a hidden knot or just tuck them under so their hidden.


14. The Waterfall

This is the same as the bandit but with a visible tie in the front and the whole scarf twisted to the side for a more asymmetrical look

15. Parisian

The key is to make the loop close to your neck this time.


16: Preppy Sweater

So called because it would go well with a thin sweater or cardigan.

This time make the knot on one shoulder and the extra fabric on the opposite shoulder.


17. Full Coverage

From the folded edge of your triangle make thin folds all the way down until it is one long rectangle


18. Serious Loop

A very classic looking, relatively formal option.

From the folded edge of your triangle make thin folds all the way down until it is one long rectangle





19. Circle Knots

Start with your scarf in the long thin rectangle. Tie a knot in the center, then tie a knot half way between the center knot and the end of the scarf on both sides. Tie behind your neck.

My square scarf is just barely too short to tie in the back to complete this look. If you have this problem it can be easily fastened with a pin or brooch in the back.

20. Accessorize Your Accessories

Don’t be afraid to tie a square scarf onto your handbag to spice it up!



Don’t feel bad if your tie takes a few tries and or needs some adjusting even after it’s finished, all the these ties were practiced and adjusted before photographed. Have fun!


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