How to Utilize Your Entire Wardrobe: Not Just 20%

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I’ve heard that, generally, a woman only wears about 20% of the clothing in her closet. I’m happy to say, that is not the case in my closet and it’s a shame if it’s the case in yours. There is no reason to have all those clothes sitting there unloved. My point is not that you should get rid of them but that you should wear them! I’m going to reveal a lot of my secrets to you today so that you can learn how to utilize your entire wardrobe and find some confidence in the clothes you loved in the store.

1. Organize Your Closet

First, you have to start with an organized closet. I wish I could encourage organized chaos but, unfortunately, organized chaos won’t work in this case. No matter how much of your closet you already wear or how much you love and know all your clothes and where they reside on the floor, if they are not in order you WILL forget about something and it won’t be worn until you see it. It is important to have all types of items separated and I encourage you to colorize as well. It is also possible to fold items in piles and drawers so that everything can be seen at once. Accessories MUST be organized as well.  This will take a couple extra minutes when putting clothes away but it will be worth it. If you need help Contact Me. I can help!


2. Don’t Make  A Uniform

Please don’t make a uniform for yourself and wear essentially the same thing every day. Please, please, please DO NOT wear the same outfits every week. Don’t wear the same jeans and blazer every casual Friday. Your clothes lose their effect if you wear them that often. Your friends are no longer impressed with that flattering top after they see it every week and the effects will be lost on you as well. Without even realizing it you will become bored with those pieces and they won’t make you feel as good as they once did. DO NOT automatically wear the ‘black cardigan’ and ‘dark wash jeans’ with the ‘red top’… EVERYTHING in your closet has multiple uses, especially when you incorporate accessories. This is much more exciting for you and excitement translates to confidence, happiness and productivity.

You can have your very own lookbook with plenty of varying looks to choose from or learn how to have an open mind about your wardrobe as part of any ‘wardrobe’ service.

This is the same top (two different colors, available at Gigi’s) worn first as a tunic with leggings and a belt

and second with jeans, tucked in the front, out in the back , with a scarf

 image image

3. 3-5 pieces

A good outfit includes 3-5 pieces. Meaning, a shirt and pants is not going to get anything done for you. You may hate to admit it but I will continue to tell you that what you wear does change the way people treat you or respond to your authority. This goes for everyone you encounter in a day, including yourself! A complete look helps you command respect or at least helps you “fake it til you make it”.  3-5 pieces.

-Top and bottom may include blouse, pullover sweater, pants, skirt or leggings.

-With a pullover sweater even seeing a shirt underneath that peeks out at the bottom or sleeve adds that extra aesthetic interest

-Third piece may also include: jacket, cardigan, scarf, statement necklace or statement shoes

Kendi Everday exhibiting the 3rd piece rule with a scarf, jacket, statement boots, respectively

image image image

-A statement necklace can get you to 3 pieces but won’t put you over 5 pieces, add jewelry to taste and don’t feel bad about how much or little you like

-Tights, boot socks, boot toppers, hats and headbands add interest but don’t count as a third piece

-With a dress you still need 3 pieces but the pieces may be: sweater, jacket, statement shoes, jewelry or bag depending on the occasion

This look by Atlantic-Pacific Blog is beautiful in the first pic with the second piece bag but even better with the 3rd piece

image image image

4. Premeditate but then Let It Happen

Before you even go into your closet, consider if you have a certain idea about how you want to look for the day. Then when you go into your closet, peruse your wardrobe and find one item that stands out to you that day. Then build an outfit around that item based on your idea of how you want to look, NOT based on what you usually wear with that item. You don’t always have to start with the top and you don’t always have to start with the pants, just any item that stands out to you that day.

5. Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up in the middle of making an outfit and don’t give up on the idea of making outfits. In the middle of making an outfit you may struggle with the right sweater or shoes but don’t get frustrated, part of the process is trying different options.

Don’t give up on the idea of making outfits because of the time it takes- it will never take more than 15 minutes and that is extreme, you can make tomorrow’s outfit any time today. Always take time for you.


All of these tips will help you make outfits to keep you confident and productive. They will also help you take advantage of all those unworn clothes that you spent your hard earned money on, that made you feel great in the store and then when you got home you forgot about them or didn’t know what to do with them. Don’t forget to take time for yourself in your busy life, take 1o minutes to make yourself feel good for the whole day or call me and take a few hours to learn how to make  yourself feel good for the whole year. Don’t let friends and family forget themselves either, gift certificates are now available for WMW Services and make great holiday gifts!

Visit personal assistance awaits you! New blog next week! In the meantime check out more blogging on follow me on twitter @wmichwardrobe , Instagram @westmichiganwardrobe and Pinterest and share posts with friends!

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