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Good morning ladies! Happy Saturday! Initially, jumpsuits and rompers were not something I planned to blog about because I didn’t think “real people” were wearing them. I was so thrilled to get questions about them from two different women in one week. I love that women are stepping out of the small town mid west box. So here is your guide to picking the right jumpsuit with the right fit and how and where to wear it.


A jumpsuit is something you definitely don’t want bunching around the ankle. Part of the purpose of a jumpsuit is to add height and that is the quickest way to ruin it. If you are sporting the cropped look it should really hit just above the ankle bone and not somewhere awkwardly on your calf. (As I Instagramed a few days ago, this is the case with all cropped pants). If the jumpsuit is skinny it should be cropped and if its a wide leg it should barely skim the floor. There aren’t really exceptions to this rule. Rompers should not be offensively short, I think that goes without saying. Young ladies, consider that rompers are generally more loose fitting and therefore don’t cover much. The best length hits just below the narrowing of your thigh.

The first two are adorable but just a little too long, the third is too short, the last is perfect

image imageimage image

The first is a terrible length, the second is a great look but still a bit too short and isn’t helping her height, the third is perfect, just above the ankle bone

 image imageimage 

appropriate length romper




Skinny, good. Wide leg, good. Tapered, don’t do it! I hope you understand the difference between tapered and skinny. Skinny should be tight all the way down. Tapered is loose at the thigh and slims as it goes down but isn’t really tight. This is not doing anything good for your hips and really hurts your height or allusion of height.

The first two are tapered, the third is skinny

image image image

Please don’t be afraid to wear the wide leg if it’s fitted on your thigh, it might not look good at home (because you’re too hard on yourself) but look at these girls, they look good!Other than these parameters I don’t have a lot of specifics for body types because finding a jumpsuit is so much trial and error anyway.

image image

The toughest aspects of getting the right fit in a jumpsuit are the chest and backside. There are some very awkward designs in jumpsuits for the sake of fashion. I don’t condone wearing something that unflattering for the sake of being trendy. You don’t want a singular boob effect or any unfilled fabric around the chest. The latter happens mostly with a faux wrap look, the general blouse look of a jumpsuit will be unfilled.  Ask a friend before you purchase or before you wear it out.

You can see the problem in the first, the second is an all around bad fit

and the third is intentionally loose but not unfilled like the second

image imageimage


It’s hard to get a good fit on the backside in a one piece look. I owned a jumpsuit for two months and kept getting it out, trying to figure out how to make it look good from the back and finally had to return it. I don’t want you to wear something that makes your butt look less than it is but don’t count out the jumpsuit/romper look either. The romper is naturally more flattering because it doesn’t elongate the bottom half in the same way so although it won’t add as much height it is more flattering from the back. Also, the thicker more structured fabrics provide more support and shape and are therefore more flattering.

As you can see the first is not what you want, the second is structured and much better



How to wear print in a jumpsuit is both tricky and straight forward. Not every print is flattering but the rules are pretty solid. Large prints add volume, small prints create an illusion and solids can be extremely 70′s but composed. Multi color prints can be trouble because then it becomes more about the shape of the print which is generally not good. Be mindful of how you want to feel looking back on this jumpsuit venture, bright prints are surely going to be the most regrettable. Consider the venue and crowd as well, do you want to attract that much attention right now?

Large print-not flattering

image image image

Small print and solids-good

image image image

Mulit colors-at your own risk

image image

Rompers are easier, because their occasion is so limited and because they cover less of your body it’s harder to make any significant mistakes.

image image


In what occasion can you not wear a jumpsuit or romper? Well there are a few. Jumpsuits are fine for work. Generally, they’re not like maxi dresses, you don’t need to add much for them to be fun and flattering but it’s more professional if you do. Please don’t wear a jumpsuit to the office that you would also wear to the beach.

Rompers, although more proper with a jacket, really are not acceptable for the workplace. Even if you found a romper that was an appropriate length, the idea of it is just too casual and the one piece alludes to being shorter. A casual, outdoor wedding would be a good setting for a romper but they really should be confined to summer extracurricular activities.

Even with a blazer the rompers are not quite business casual

image image image image

Dressy options for a wedding or party

image image

Age Appropriate:

I honestly believe that anyone can wear a jumpsuit. Rompers may be another story and should probably be limited to those under forty, or more specifically, if your daughter is in high school or older don’t wear it because no matter what you do it will appear that you borrowed it from her. Now, as for which jumpsuit to choose, the illusion of a two piece should be for those women who think they are “too old” for a jumpsuit. I would not suggest this style to anyone under thirty, this does not mean that it’s “old” in any way but styles convey varying messages on different aged women.

 image image

I’m so excited that you are stepping out of your box and I’m so excited that I got to write this blog for you. I hope you have fun with your rompers for the last few weeks of summer and enjoy the fall season in your jumpsuits! Way to go ladies!


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