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Mirror mirror…when I ask who is fairest I expect you to say ME!

You are a self respecting person, I know that for a fact or you wouldn’t be reading a style advice blog. All self respecting people have been taught (and then advise friends and loved ones) not to allow other people to bring them down. “Don’t let her get to you.” “You shouldn’t let him make you feel that way.” “You don’t want someone like that in your life.” These are all things we have said to others and to ourselves. So why would we let our clothes and our mirrors make us feel bad?! Per wonderful request, here is some free advice on how to find the truth in the mirrors.


This one you probably already knew, and hopefully remind yourself of when you’re out shopping. Fluorescent lights are nobody’s friend. These lights are what I would call cool tone lighting and are good for nothing (except supposedly saving energy, which can be the only explanation for retailers putting them in fitting rooms). If you have these lights in your home please do not put them near your mirrors. Warmer, more cozy lighting is less harsh and all around flattering. In all mirrored venues it is best to have warm but still bright lighting. Usually, if you’re in an uncomplimentary fitting room you can find better lighting in the common area of the dressing room or somewhere else in the store. If all else fails try the items at home and don’t be afraid to return.

File_000 (6) File_000 (1)File_003 (6) File_000 File_001


The left two photos were taken in Fluorescent lighting the middle photo is a better lighting option in the common area and the right two in warmer lighting, the first here actually looks a little sickly


Believe it or not what’s behind you when you look in the mirror has an impact on your reflection. Certainly no mess or clutter is helping. Mess is just not pleasant and whether you’re looking at the mess or not your subconscious is and it’s not encouraging. Have you seen the Disney film Inside Out? Joy is looking at you but anger, disgust and sadness are looking at the mess. (If you haven’t seen this film just trust me and move your mirror.)

Clutter, whether it’s items or interior design, can be distracting to the eye and without focusing how can you really be sure what you’re even looking at? Checking your reflection with too much clutter is like when you check the time and three minutes later realize you never actually saw what time it was. Random objects or shapes behind you as well as a too dark background can make your silhouette unclear. I’m sure if you take a minute to really see your outline you’ll realize it’s actually more feminine and beautiful than you allow yourself to believe. A solid background in a warm hue, with bright warm lighting and no clutter is the ideal setting.

File_003 File_004

Too much clutter, in both cases the dark items only behind the thigh area is adding to the silhouette

Copy of File_000File_000

Warm lighting and solid backgrounds are ideal 


Where and How to Stand:

Don’t stand too close because looking down at half of yourself is no good. Don’t place your mirror too far away that you can’t make out all the details of your outfit. Stand at a distance you would stand talking in a group of casual acquaintances, not your best friend or your coworker that smells funny but a normal comfortable talking distance. Always check the side view. Don’t lie to yourself and stand in the most flattering red carpet pose you can muster, you want to know how your outfit will appear throughout the day and know whether the look is flattering. For the love of humanity, stand up straight!

IMG_1766 File_001File_002

Mirror Size and Height:

A mirror that goes all the way to the ground or sits within a foot of the ground and shows your FULL body is best. Width actually doesn’t make a lot of difference except that you want to stand in the right spot and be able to see yourself and not too much else. You absolutely MUST have a full length mirror, there is no acceptable excuse not to have one. There is no way you’re dressing appropriately and putting your best shoe forward without a full length view of yourself. That being said it’s also nice to have a bathroom or vanity mirror that sits just below your hips and shows your upper body. A flattering view because it doesn’t cut you off at the middle and if you spend TOO much time in front of the full length you’ll just begin to pick yourself apart.

File_002 (1) File_000 File_000 (1)IMG_1758


Every female millennial knows a good selfie is taken at a downward angle. This is an exhaustingly exploited fact. What we can take from this is a mirror angled at 90 or even 85 degrees to the floor is mandatory for a positive and true reflection. Leaning your mirror up against the wall or tilting your self standing mirror backwards is absolutely no good! Hang it up, attach it to the wall or tilt it (slightly) forward!


I hope this is obvious but a dirty mirror, dusty, smudged, worn or warped is unacceptable. Get yourself a decent mirror, not the $5 one from Walmart, keep it clean and replace it if it gets old or damaged. You spend thousands of dollars a year on clothing, nutrition, fad diets, exercise, maybe plastic surgery and self help remedies. Spend $40-$50 and get yourself a mirror that doesn’t make you feel bad. “You don’t need someone like that in your life.”

A Final Word:

Use the full length to get the silhouette and full outfit right. Then take a quick look in the more flattering, higher mirror for a final confidence boost before heading out to conquer the day with your well planned style and realistic, positive reflection.

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