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If you’re only going to perfect one aspect of your personal style I suggest mixed prints because you can fool anyone into thinking you have EVERY aspect perfected. The subject of mixed prints was a blog request. I was very happy to have it because mixed prints make a very cute outfit and make you look like you really know what you’re doing. Before this request I had not paid much attention to the art of mixed prints so I can’t claim to be an expert but I can tell you it is even easier than we could have hoped! Here’s how it’s done:

Start simple with neutrals and prints you’re used to like stripes and plaid.  All of the most classic prints can be mixed and matched any way amongst themselves because we are so used to them. We are so comfortable with these prints and so drawn to them that they can be mixed any way and it will be attractive to us.

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Beyond using all classic, familiar prints there are a few basic tips to mixing prints. Leopard is a neutral which isn’t that surprising since all the colors within leopard print are neutral colors. Using one small and one large print whether they are two polka dots or two graphic prints is a simple way to match. Obviously sticking with all neutral colors (white, tan, brown, black and even navy) until you’re comfortable is great but don’t be afraid to add a pop of color just like you would with solids or even a printed accessory to get you started.

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Here is the biggest shocker in the art of mixing prints…if the colors match the prints match! It’s that easy! Look at all the pictures below, the colors in each top match the colors in the skirt, even with the craziest prints. That’s how even the crazy multicolored outfits work. If you are going to get into the multicolored abstract prints keep your pieces in the same hue, two bright or two muted pieces. This even works with three and four pieces. I know you are still trying to make this hard because you can’t believe it’s been so obvious all along but it really is that simple!

imageimageimage image image image

If you’ve never been one to wear prints and you’re still not sure start with one fun print and  pair it with chambray, it’s not another print but it will get you one foot out of your comfort zone. Keeping with similar fabrics can be more comforting as well, reassuring you that the pieces are cohesive.


This image was taken from an interior design blog but this part of it is very relevent to fashion. This does not mean “Ikat only goes with polka dots” it’s just a reference point to get you going.


I was so pleased to find out how simple this whole aesthetic was that I tried it myself for the first time yesterday and I loved it. I hope you trust that it really is simple and you have a lot of fun with this. The fact that you are even interested enough to read this means you are far more capable than you give yourself credit for. This is not an “I’m to old for that” “I can’t wear prints” “I’m not that clever” kind of thing, this is an everyone kind of thing. If you like it, it is your style, embrace it!

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