“Teen Vogue” Your Favorite Trends for Back to School

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This week is for the high school girls. You are capable of dressing yourself and at this point have too much of your own style for me to tell your mom how you should be dressing. High school can be a stressful time but hopefully your style can add to the fun and not the stress. In small town Michigan however it is possible that your style is on a level that is not common and not necessarily understood. I highly encourage you to wear what you like even if it isn’t as well received as it should be (by this I mean style not offensively small clothing). If you can’t take my advice and be who you are and ignore any comments from peers; take comfort in knowing that as soon as you graduate somehow everyone stops caring so much and you will be able to wear every trend you ever admired without concern. In the meantime, here’s what’s trending and how to wear it to school.

Unfortunately, as exciting as it is to get new clothes for school it’s rarely cool enough to wear them for the first few weeks of class. For those few weeks you can pretty much wear what you wore all summer but with a sweater. Obviously you can’t wear the short shorts but the dresses are a cute way to start off the year. Wear your cute summer tops with a skirt and sweater. Style light weight, sheer button ups with skirts or jeans. The bright floral skirt and tank you’ve been wearing all summer with your new denim vest can easily be transitioned with a long sleeve tee.

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For those of you with the small town problems a tee shirt with stylish detail is a cute compromise.


Now lets talk about all the trends to choose from when you’re school shopping! Kimonos have been strong this summer but you’ve been wearing them with bathing suits and denim shorts. They can still be worn with sun dresses  for a bohemian look but be if the kimono is longer than the dress it can make the dress seem shorter which is not what you should be going for at school. The kimono works best over a basic, neutral palette of leggings and tees. If you are most comfortable wearing it with jeans, go for it but really I think the thickness of jeans takes away from the flowing or edgy look you’re going for. Considering this trend is pretty new and can be worn so many ways it may be around for a couple years so you can spend a little more than some trends- but not too much because it’s not classic.

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Jeans! Almost anything goes for jeans right now. Skinny isn’t moving out very quickly. Coated jeans are still left from last year which is fun. Distressed jeans are coming back which I love but the idea is to add detail not to show skin. Honestly the second distressed look here is not stylish or cute it just looks dirty. If you want to be ahead of the curve go for the flare which really is the most flattering anyway. The nice thing about jean trends is that they last much longer than other trends so you can spend a little more money for the quality. The exception to that would be the coated skinnies, although edgy and cool will not be around too long so don’t spend a lot. Colored jeans aren’t out of the question yet either, surprisingly. Overalls are extremely trendy and I think your age is the time to do it but get them cheap and have fun because this won’t last.


Ahh, the plaid shirt around the waist. You would think as much as it’s being done it would get old but I really can’t get enough. I especially love it with the faux leather leggings that are still trending. If you are thinking about getting some leather leggings be absolutely sure you like them before you take them home or before you take the tags off. They show everything so you may not be happy with how they look. If this is the case, wax coated jeans or metallic leggings are a good alternative. Remember: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!!!! NOBODY wants or needs to see that much of you! Ponte knit leggings are actually thicker, warmer and more comfortable but contrary to popular belief these are not pants either. The loudly printed leggings…I don’t get it but they are obviously popular so enjoy yourself but don’t spend too much (still not pants, cover your butt).

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 image image

Alternatively, high socks are trending now too. These are a stylish and probably well received alternative to leggings. they can be warn alone or over tights which is nice for getting through winter! Make sure your skirt is an appropriate length because similarly to the kimono these can make your skirt seem shorter. Additionally, the flowy skirts that they are usually shown with cover less than a fitted skirt so shorts underneath might not be a bad idea. Sheer black tights are making a small comeback as well, but opaque is still an option. I would hope the thought of wearing tights with only a long top and no skirt or dress would not even cross your mind but since I saw it I had to include it. This is honestly offensive and just gross.

imageimageimage image

A few other trends: combat boots would be a great purchase while school shopping because you can wear them all through winter and with virtually anything! Big sweaters are irresistible, but don’t get so comfortable you fall asleep in class, seriously. Chambray shirts, and vests! Vests are probably never really out but go in and out of “trendy” every few years it seems. Any type of vest is appropriate this season; preppy, puffy, western, denim and even faux fur. Faux fur has the biggest range of prices but I suggest finding something low price that looks more expensive than it is because it seems every time fur comes back it’s slightly different than the last. Denim vests can be pricy too but don’t come back often so try to find an inexpensive option (unlike denim jackets which are a staple so you can spend a little more). Preppy down vests go in and out all the time so as long as it’s classic and not too heavy you can spend a little more and have it next time vests are “in”.

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Pretty much anything goes in style right now. If you like something then it’s you and you can pull it off. Wear what you like and have confidence in it. Above all, remember that you still have and are expected to live with your parents for a reason. They have reasons for their madness and rules and they always have your best interest in mind. If they tell you not to wear something, try talking it out to figure out why instead of assuming they just don’t understand. What you are allowed to wear on the weekends is not always appropriate for school. Be respectful and everyone will be happy. Have fun, fall and winter are the best time for style.

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