Fashionable women share their experience with WMW

Style Experience

  • I had my first professional experience with Ali at WMWardrobe when she came to my house and helped me go through my closet! It was so helpful to have a fresh set of eyes and she was able to help me part with things I no longer wear by pointing out how my look has changed over the years. There were a few tops that I used to wear when we would go out and she said that they were still cute, but "that looks like Jorgie at age 19, your style has evolved since then." When she put it that way I was able to part with these belongings and open up some space for new things now that I am more aware of what my style has become at age 23. I feel like when I look at my closet now, I'm more confident putting together basics to make new outfits! And that I dress like a young woman in her 20s, not a teenager!

  • Oh my gosh that was just way too fun! Thank you for everything I would never have felt as confident as I do now and you are 100% responsible
  • I am still so excited about my 'new' old wardrobe. You were the perfect consultant for my lifestyle in clothing.
  • I recently had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Ali and had the best time. My husband surprised me by hiring Ali to come to our home and help me with my extremely neglected wardrobe. From the moment she walked in the door, I could tell we were going to have fun. Her and I went through my closet and drawers first. She had me throw away any thing I hadn’t worn in the last year or that I didn’t love myself in. Then came the fun part, SHOPPING!!! I had a blast. I felt like Pretty Woman. Ali was a pleasure to be around to say the least. I felt like I was shopping with a friend I’d known for years. Her services are extremely helpful and I would recommend her to every woman I know. Guys, great gift idea…hint, hint!!