White After Labor Day! You Can Do It!

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Out with the old, in with the new. There are no longer true rules to style but there are guidelines. For instance, you have to get over the no white after labor day rule. Instead, consider the guideline that you can wear white all year but not the same white. Here’s how to transition your white into autumn and how to master your crisp white through the long winter months ahead.

Transitioning Short Dresses:

First of all, the white dresses you wore all summer should be stored after labor day. If you insist on styling them in a fall manner to prolong their season they absolutely have to be put away by the end of September. Here is an example of styling a summer dress for fall. Although it has become more appropriate for the season and the weather it is clear that it’s a summer dress because of the thin, flowing fabric and girly style. This is fine but it’s not the best.


For September you can still get away with this light fabric but something more simple and with sleeves is better. If you insist on sticking with sleeveless as long as you can the best way to transition the white dress into fall is to change the fabric right after labor day. If you choose a heavier, thicker fabric you can move away from the summer look more quickly. It’s also good to go with something longer, hitting right at or above the knee rather than two or more inches above the knee. As for the last picture here, I generally despise tea or midi length but this is a good illustration of how the fabric and length makes the look more seasonally appropriate.

 image image




Transitioning Long Dresses:

White maxi dresses are a summer thing and should really be done after labor day if you live in Michigan. I can see holding on to them for another month if you live in southern coastal state but otherwise summer is gone quickly after labor day and your white maxi dresses should be as well. There are instances in summer when a long sleeve dress can be worn but the fabric must be very thin and that same dress cannot be transitioned into fall. That dress is displayed in the second image; sheer fabric, a front slit and a ruffle, summer.  The third is a fall look because the v-neckline is very narrow. Although the dress has movement the fabric is considerably thicker and the whole look is very simple. With close toe shoes this dress could be appropriate until there is snow on the ground.

image image image


White Dresses in the Winter:

After September, in Michigan, a white dress must be a thick, structured fabric. A short dress must have sleeves of some sort. Long dresses may have any neckline as long as the fabric is appropriate.  Shoes must be closed toe. When styling a white dress in winter use accessories that are heavy, not delicate. It’s actually that simple.

image image image image image image image


A Note About Shoes:

Open toe shoes are done after September no matter where you live. If everything else in your look is seasonally specific the color of your shoes does not matter. Nude is the exception and should be stored when the snow flies. Another old rule you need to forget is that your shoes should be darker than your hem. That’s over, forget it, move on, enjoy your shoes.

White Pants After Labor Day:

The first ad show here is the quintessential white summer look but as you can see the second is an ad for the exact same pants for fall. With brown shoes and a sweater these jeans are easily carried through the rest of the year. As with dresses, September can be a very light transition, the third look here would be fine for September and even longer if you changed only the bag and tucked those skinnies into boots. The rest of these looks provide great inspiration and show that if you style your white pants with seasonally appropriate tops and shoes they will carry you easily through every season.

image image image image image image image



I’m honestly not sure how to explain why white outerwear is so wonderful. These pictures really speak for themselves in that aspect. The best thing about white or lightly colored outerwear is how easily it makes you white outfit underneath the most fashion forward thing you’ve dared to wear. If you are hesitant about rebelling against the old rules make sure you get this key piece of outerwear, layer as much white as you can, throw on some riding boots and you will amaze yourself. You’ll never want to wear black again. You’re welcome self confidence.

image image image image image image image image


This is a very simple style guideline: change the fabric not the color.

White in winter has actually become very stylish. It’s ironic really because it’s now the opposite of the old rule that you have been worried about. The best part is, the fabric that is required to make white appropriate after labor day is really quite flattering on every body type. It’s a win, win! Forget those old rules, contact me for a Seasonal Wardrobe Enhancement this fall or Event Styling this winter and I’ll help you own white after Labor Day.


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